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Sean M. Lucey SM, Aydin KY, Gaichas SK, Cadrin SX, Fay G, Fogarty MJ, Punt A Accepted Estimation of Commercial Fishing Trip Costs using Sea Sampling Data Mar Resour Econ
Bourret A, Smith A, Van Beveren E, Plourde S, Curti KL, Jansen T, Richardson DE, Castonguay M, Rodriguez-Ezpeleta N, Parent GJ 2023 Quantifying genetic differentiation and population assignment between two contingents of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) in the Northwest Atlantic view Can J Fish Aquat Sci
Cubaynes HC, Clarke PJ, Goetz KT, Aldrich T, Fretwell PT, Leonard KE, Khan CB 2023 Annotating very high-resolution satellite imagery: A whale case study view Sci Data 10(2023)
Davis G, Van Parijs S 2023 North Atlantic Right Whale Passive Acoustic Detections Report: January - June 2020 view Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc CRD 23-04: 2 P.
DeAngelis AI, Barlow J, Gillies D, Ballance LT 2023 Echolocation depths and acoustic foraging behavior of Baird's beaked whales (Berardius bairdii) based on towed hydrophone recordings view Mar Mamm Sci 39(1): 289-298
Deshpande AD, Freeman D, Lascelles N, Drayton D 2023 Pyrolysis GC-MS Characterization of Plastic Debris from the Northern Gulf of Alaska Shorelines view ACS ES&T Water 3(5): 1364–1373
du Pontavice H, Chen Z, Saba VS 2023 A high-resolution ocean bottom temperature product for the northeast U.S. continental shelf marine ecosystem view Prog Oceanogr 210
Fenton M, Connelly K, Christel D 2023 Risk Assessment of the Northeast Limited Access Multispecies (Groundfish) Fishery view NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE TM 276: 145 p.
Fisher J, Angel D, Callier M, Cheney D, Filgueira R, Hudson B, McKindsey CW, Milke L, Moore H, O'Beirn F, O'Carroll J, Rabe B, Telfer T, Byron CJ 2023 Ecological carrying capacity in mariculture: Consideration and application in geographic strategies and policy view Mar Pol 150
Friedland KJ, Record NJ, Pendleton DE, Balch WM, Stamieszkin K, Moisan JR, Brady DC 2023 Asymmetry in the rate of warming and the phenology of seasonal blooms in the Northeast US Shelf Ecosystem view ICES J Mar Sci
Gillis C-A, Ouellet V, Breau C, Frechette D, Bergeron N 2023 Assessing climate change impacts on North American freshwater habitat of wild Atlantic salmon - urgent needs for collaborative research view Can Water Resource J
Goulette G, Kocik J, Sheehan T 2023 Ingested transmitter expulsion rates in Striped Bass view NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE TM 297: 12 p.
Goulette G, Kocik J, Sheehan T 2023 Ingested transmitter expulsion rates in striped bass view 297; 11pp
Hatch JM, Murray KT, Patel S, Smolowitz R, Haas HL 2023 Evaluating simple measures of spatial-temporal overlap as a proxy for encounter risk between a protected species and commercial fishery view Front Conserv Sci 4
Hernandez CM, Paris CB, Vaz AC, Jones BT, Kellner JB, Richardson DE, Sponaugle S, Cowen RK, Llopiz JK 2023 Diverse patterns of larval coral reef fish vertical distribution and consequences for dispersal and connectivity view Coral Reefs 42: 453–465
Lee M-Y, Demarest C 2023 Groundfish Quota Prices view Fish Res 260
Mercaldo-Allen R, Auster PJ, Clark P, Dixon MS, Estela E, Liu Y, Milke L, Phillips G, Redman D, Smith BC, Verkade A, Rose JM 2023 Oyster aquaculture cages provide fish habitat similar to natural structure with minimal differences based on farm location view Front Mar Sci 10(2023)
Mercer AJM, Manderson JP, Lowman BA, Salois SL, Hyde KJW, Pessutti J, Jones AW, Ruhle R, Bright B, Sawyer T, Lapp M, Kaelin J, Almeida K, DiDomenico G 2023 Bringing in the experts: application of industry knowledge to advance catch rate standardization for northern shortfin squid (Illex illecebrosus) view Front Mar Sci 10(2023)
Mouy X, Black M, Cox K, Qualley J, Dosso S, Juanes F 2023 Identification of fish sounds in the wild using a set of portable audio-video arrays view Meth Ecol Evol
Murray, KT 2023 Estimated magnitude of sea turtle interactions in U.S. sink gillnet gear, 2017-2021 view NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE TM 296: 16 p.
Neto AF, Palter JB, Xu X, Fratantoni P 2023 Temporal Variability of the Labrador Current Pathways Around the Tail of the Grand Banks at Intermediate Depths in a High-Resolution Ocean Circulation Model view J Geophys Res Oceans 128(3)
Northeast Fisheries Science Center 2023 Report of the Index-Based Methods Working Group view NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE TM 285: 582 p.
Ouellet V, Caissie D 2023 Towards a better understanding of the evaporative cooling of rivers: case study for the Little Southwest Miramichi River (New Brunswick, Canada) view Can Water Resource J
Pousse E, Poach ME, Redman DH, Sennefelder G, Hubbard W, Osborne K, Munroe D, Hart D, Hennen D, Dixon MS, Li Y, Milke LM, Wikfors GH, Meseck SL 2023 Juvenile Atlantic sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus, energetic response to increased carbon dioxide and temperature changes view PLOS Clim
Precoda K, Lyssikatos M 2023 Summary of the 2020 New England and Mid-Atlantic Gillnet and Bottom Trawl Observer Data view Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc CRD 23-01: 21 P.
Precoda K, Murray K, Hayes S 2023 Loggerhead Turtle Interactions in Mid-Atlantic Bottom Trawl Gear, 2001-2019 view NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE TM 299: 18 p.
Silver A, Gangopadhyay A, Gawarkiewicz G, Fratantoni P, Clark J 2023 Increased gulf stream warm core ring formations contributes to an observed increase in salinity maximum intrusions on the Northeast Shelf view Sci Rep 13(7538)
Van Hoeck RV, Rowell TJ, Dean MJ, Rice AN, Van Parijs SM 2023 Comparing Atlantic cod temporal spawning dynamics across a biogeographic boundary: insights from passive acoustic monitoring view Am Fish Soc 15(2)
Vasquez Caballero S, Bisack K, Shank B, Thunberg E 2023 Proceedings of the 2022 Virtual Lobster Economic Modeling Workshops: March 23, March 29, April 8 view NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE TM 298: 68 P.
Wilder J, Davis G, DeAngelis A, Van Parijs S, Baumgartner M 2023 Low-Frequency Detection and Classification System (LFDCS) Reference Guide view NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE TM 295: 138 p.
Delarue JJ-Y, Moors-Murphy H, Kowarski KA, Davis GE, Urazghildiiev IR, Martin SB. 2022 Acoustic occurrence of baleen whales, particularly blue, fin, and humpback whales, off eastern Canada, 2015-2017. view Endang Species Res 47:265-289
Adams CF 2022 Update on the Spatial Distribution of Butterfish, 1982-2019 view Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc CRD 22-04: 15 P.
Alkire C 2022 Decline in on-demand fishing gear costs with learning view Front Mar Sci 9(2022)
Ardini G, Murphy T, Werner S, Bailey M 2022 An Overview of the Social Sciences Branch (SSB) Commercial Fishing Business Cost Survey in the Northeast: Protocol and Results for Survey Years 2011, 2011, and 2015 view NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE TM 278: 146 P.
Bell RJ, Grieve B, Ribera M, Manderson J, Richardson D 2022 Climate-induced habitat changes in commercial fish stocks view ICES J Mar Sci 79(8):2247–2264
Bi R, Collier C, Mann R, Mills KE, Saba V, Widenmann J, Jensen OP 2022 How consistent is the advice from stock assessments? Empirical estimates of inter-assessment bias and uncertainty for marine fish and invertebrate stocks view Fish Fish 24(1): 126-141
Bishop AL, Crowe LM, Hamilton PK, Meyer-Gutbrod EL. 2022 Maternal lineage and habitat use patterns explain variation in the fecundity of a critically endangered baleen whale view Front Mar Sci 9
Blount D, Gero S, Van Oast J, Parham J, Kingen C, Scheiner B, Stere T, Fisher M, Minton G, Khan C, Dulau V, Thompson J, Moskvyak O, Berger-Wolf T, Stewart CV, Holmberg J, Levenson JJ 2022 Flukebook: an open-source AI platform for cetacean photo identification view Mamm Biol 102: 1005–1023
Bucklin A, Batta-Lona PG, Questel JM, Wiebe PH, Richardson DE, Copley NJ, O'Brien TD 2022 COI Metabarcoding of Zooplankton Species Diversity for Time-Series Monitoring of the NW Atlantic Continental Shelf view Front Mar Sci 9(2022)
Bull CD, Gregory SD, Rivot E, Sheehan TF, Ensing D, Woodward G, Crozier W. 2022 The likely suspects framework: the need for a life cycle approach for managing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) stocks across multiple scales. view ICES J Mar Sci 79(5): 1445–1456
Caracappa JC, Beet A, Gaichas S, Gamble RJ, Hyde KJW, Large SI, Morse RE, Stock CA, Saba VS 2022 A northeast United States Atlantis marine ecosystem model with ocean reanalysis and ocean color forcing view Ecol Model 471
Carretta J, Henry AG. 2022 Risk assessment of whale entanglement and vessel strike injuries from case narratives and classification trees view Front Mar Sci
Cram JA, Gray MW, McFarland K, Hollins A 2022 Microbiota of Crassostrea virginica larvae during a hatchery crash and under normal production: Amplicon sequence data view Data Br 40
Cutler M, Jalbert K, Ball K, Bruhis N, Guetschow T. 2022 Fisheries co-management in a digital age? An investigation of social media communications on the development of electronic monitoring for the Northeast U.S. groundfish fishery. view Ecol Soc 27(3):13
Cutler M, Silva A, Gentile L, Colburn L. 2022 Tracking shifts in the vulnerability and resiliency of commercial fishing vessel crew and hired captains in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. view Mar Pol 138
Cutler MJ, Jalbert K, Ball K, Bruhis N, Guetschow T 2022 Fisheries co-management in a digital age? An investigation of social media communications on the development of electronic monitoring for the Northeast U.S. groundfish fishery view Ecol Soc 27(3)
Cutler MJ, Jalbert K, Ball K, Bruhis N, Guetschow T. 2022 Fisheries co-management in a digital age? An investigation of social media communications on the development of electronic monitoring for the Northeast U.S. groundfish fishery view Ecol Soc 3(27)
DeAngelis AI, Van Parijs SM, Barkowski J, Baumann-Pickering S, Burger K, Davis GE, Joseph J, Kok ACM, Kugler A, Lammers M, Margolina T, Pegg N, Rice A, Rowell TJ, Ryan JP, Stokoe A, Zang E, Hatch L 2022 Exploring marine mammal presence across seven US national marine sanctuaries view Front Mar Sci 3(2022)
du Pontavice H, Miller TJ, Stock BC, Chen Z, Saba VS 2022 Ocean model-based covariates improve a marine fish stock assessment when observations are limited view ICES J Mar Sci 79(4): 1259–1273
Erin M. Witkop EM, Gary H. Wikfors GH, Proestou DA, Lundgren KM, MarySullivan, Gomez-Chiarri M. 2022 Perkinsus marinus suppresses in vitro eastern oyster apoptosis via IAP-dependent and caspase-independent pathways involving TNFR, NF-kB, and oxidative pathway crosstalk view Develop Comp Immunol 129