Abstract for Oral Presentation


Hayes S, Borggaard D, Cholewiak D, Daly-Fuchs J, Lipsky A, Orphanides C, Sisson N, Van Parijs S
How is NOAA Fisheries Approaching the Recovery of North Atlantic Right Whales with Offshore Wind Development?


Saba V, Borggaard D, Caracappa J, Clay P, Colburn L, Collins M, Cudney J, Deroba J, DePiper G, Fratantoni P, Ferguson M, Hayes S, Hyde K, Jabanoski K, Johnson M, Kocik J, Keane E, Kircheis D, Large S, Lipsky A, Lucey S, Mercer A, Meseck S, Miller T, Orphanides C, Reichert-Nguyen J, Vogel R, Vogt B, Wikfors G
Northeast Regional Action Plan to implement the NOAA Fisheries Climate Science Strategy through 2024
TM 310: 39 p.